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Come watch our latest tutorial or music video to see what we are all about (hint: m_sic and f_n)!

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Welcome to Jzuki

Hello! Browse around to see how we make practicing more fun on our website and app.

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Download TWINKLES backtrack and piano accompaniment for FREE!

Playing a string instrument is not what it used to be. Jzuki helps students reach new genres from the start.

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Accompaniments with Adjustable Tempo

Each track comes with a Jzuki backtrack AND piano accompaniment. Download TWINKLES for FREE!

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Jzuki provides relief to the boring repetition of practice. Suzuki often said, "Monotony is the enemy of music," so unwind a little, mix it up. We can help!

"Just downloaded the app, super excited! i have 2 Suzuki strings kids. brilliant."

- Amy W.

This app is awesome.

- Yan Danee

Nothing has turned my violin group classes into more fun than the Jzuki backtracks! My students get to experience a whole new feeling to the same violin parts. I think it's a musically beneficial and exciting new way of broadening their concept of music.

- Paige S., Music Teacher

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